Our proprietary desktop software, RackFX Studio, is designed to be the cornerstone of your studio. With a variety of integrations, this OSX application can connect your hardware to the cloud with a variety of control including:

  • Audio loopback recording
  • MIDI control
  • Arduino robotic control
  • Power control through TP-Link Smart Plugs or Digital Loggers web power 7 power strips
  • Phillips Hue lighting control
  • Dynamount microphone control

RackFx Studio gives you the ability to control your hard ware from anywhere in your studio. The software also brings new revenue streams by giving you the ability to publish your hardware on the RackFX.com website, allowing users to control your hardware remotely. As a RackFX Partner, you get to set the price for the use of this hardware.

For more information and to sign up to become a RackFX partner, please fill out the partner signup form.