RackFX is an online platform for analog device sharing that allows a community of users to upload their digital audio and process it through a variety of analog signal processing hardware. As a groundbreaking service operating at the intersection of cloud-based tech, robotics, audio production, and social computing, RackFX is bringing the sharing economy to bear on the world of analog gear. Based in Colorado, RackFX partners with hardware device owners to bring their analog gear online, monetize it, and extend our community of users paying to remotely process audio.

RackFX was founded in early 2015 in Berthoud, CO, with a goal of preserving rare, unique and vintage audio processing equipment. Our team is excited about developing bleeding-edge technology that brings hardware use from the back of the studio closet to the front of the musician’s toolbelt. We believe in preserving analog processing hardware, while also providing access to audio enthusiasts around the world.