With the RackFX Studio desktop software, you can bring your analog signal processing hardware online and make it available to a community of users on the RackFX platform. We’ve incorporated a variety of automation controls into this software to give hardware owners more control over their equipment:
  • Audio I/O: loopback recording for anything
  • MIDI control: control equipment with MIDI control signals
  • Power control: turn on/off devices with 3rd party power controllers
  • Arduino: Physical control for buttons, switches or knobs
  • Manual-o-matic mode: Queued processing jobs for efficient human interaction
  • Seamless integration with the new RackFX platform.

RackFX Studio is not just a desktop application, it’s a framework. New modules can be authored easily, giving audio hardware enthusiasts an endless limit of control to monetize audio effects, signal processors, echo/reverb spaces, guitar amps, MIDI equipment and more.

We will be rolling the RackFX Studio software out to selected partners over the next few months under a private beta program.