Have you ever wanted to use a UREI Silverface 1176? How about the classic DBX160VU? Or maybe you’ve wanted to get a vintage reel-to-reel machine for real analog saturation, but where would youput such a beast? RackFX.com is an unique sharing platform that brings analog hardware owners together with studio musicians, podcasters and studio engineers.  We make it easy for you to use unique and rare analog processing hardware online. Just upload your audio, select from a variety of available analog processing, and set your parameters.

Analog hardware owners can now sign up for the RackFX partnership program to easily post their analog hardware online, and make it available for a community of users to access. They even get to set their own pricing. And through our desktop application, RackFX Studio, studios can automate this process completely through a variety of integrations including MIDI, OSC, power, Arduino robotic control, and much more. This means you can get access to analog processing with minimal turn-around time.

Who is RackFX for?

There many different types of audio enthusiasts that can take advantage of analog audio processing online.

Podcasters – Captivate your audience by using top-line, broadcast quality analog processing signal processors. Take it many steps further by using special effects in your productions. These days, getting a high quality condenser microphone will only set you back about $100 (minimum).  Run your finished recordings through eq’s, de-essers, compressors, and limiters to get that nice loud and warm sound you hear on the professional broadcasts that have been around for decades.

Studio Engineers – Access a new variety of tools to help you sculpt the sound you and your clients are looking for. And as the list of available processing continues to grow, so does your list of tools available to you.

Musicians – Use world-class processing to bring new life to your productions and keep your creative juices flowing. With RackFX, you have a wide variety of audio processing available to you. Try a spring reverb, or get a unique distortion sound that your favorite artist uses. There really is no limit to the possibilities.

Jet setters – RackFX makes it easy for the mobile audio enthusiast to use unique audio processing on-the-go. The only thing you need to process audio online is a computer and an internet connection. Just upload your WAV or AIFF files, add audio processing, and monitor the result right on the RackFX platform.

Mobile audio addicts – Make music with your phone? Take your productions to the next level by sending them through some of the most remarkable audio processing available today. In today’s age, you can produce hit music using only your smartphone. This new way of thinking about audio production brings a lot of flexibility and innovation that we’re really excited about!

Who can share audio processing on RackFX.com

Becoming a RackFX partner gives you the ability to list your processing quickly and easily, making it available to anyone around the world that wants to use it. Sharing processing is particularly applicable to:

Recording Studios – You’ve spent a lot of time wiring up your gear, perfecting your the sound. There are a lot of different types of processing you can share, from signal processing equipment, mixing and mastering services and even echo chambers or unique room sounds. RackFX can help you realize new revenue streams and dramatically increase your return on investment.  With our RackFX Studio Desktop Application, you can even automate the entire process.

Mastering engineers – Musicians and producers need you to put the finishing touches on their product. With your knowledge and expertise, you can sell your services on RackFX.com, whether you incorporate analog signal processing, or perform your entire service digitally.

Hobbyists and gear collectors – There’s a lot of joy that comes from getting the latest gear. Over time, that gear may begin to collect dust and even take a place in the back of a closet. Now is a great time to realize the potential of your signal processing equipment.  Audio enthusiasts around the world are always looking for even the most obscure sounds. You may think that that guitar pedal or rack mount processor are not very desirable to others.  But we think you’d be surprised!

Manufacturers – It’s often difficult to show people how a piece of gear sounds without allowing them to get hands on. More and more, people want to try things out before they buy them. There’s also increased possibility of “buyer’s remorse” for those that weren’t able to hear how a piece of gear sounds before buying it.  We’d love to see gear manufacturers get involved and share their processing capabilities.  With the RackFX Studio desktop application, you can even automate the entire process, delivering results to your customers quickly and efficiently.

Digital Audio Nerds – Audio DSP programmers can now provide a unique way to deliver their processing power. Whether you have a unique command line processing tool or are a full blown VST plugin author, we have ways for you to automate and share your digital processing capabilities with the RackFX Studio desktop application.

We feel like we are coming into a new age of authoring, and are excited to be a part of that innovation.  Sign up today at https://rackfx.com to use analog processing online, and become a partner if you want to share your processing capabilities.